Orfeo magazine #2
Autumn 2013

This edition of Orfeo is entirely dedicated to Daniel Friederich, France living legend of lutherie.
And for the French-speakers  among you, there is a also a  downloadable supplement.

Orfeo magazine #1
Winter 2013

This inaugural edition

is centred on two families from Barcelona: the Fustero family, manufacturers of machine heads; and the Simplicio family, luthiers, and their connection with the “Modernista“ movement.

Orfeo magazine #3
Spring 2014


-The Contreras legacy

- Western redcedar

- Marcelino López Nieto

Orfeo magazine #4
Autumn 2014


- Baroque Bavaria

- Hauser, Blöchinger, Ober

- Mittenwald Museum

Orfeo magazine #5
Spring 2015


- José Luis Romanillos

luthier, teacher, researcher

and collector

- The Mosque of Córdoba

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Orfeo magazine #6
Autumn 2015

  1. -Andrea Tacchi

  2. -Lorenzo Frignani

  3. -Luigi Locatto

  4. -Luca Waldner

  5. -Cremona

  6. -Nicolò Alessi

Orfeo magazine #7
Spring 2016

  1. -Dominique Field

  2. -Olivier Fanton d'Andon

  3. -Jean-Noël Rohé

  4. -Thomas Norwood

  5. -Montmartre

Orfeo magazine #8
Autumn 2016

  1. -Antonio Marín

  2. -Manuel Bellido

  3. -Paco Santiago Marín

  4. -Rafael Moreno

  5. -The Alhambra in Granada

Orfeo magazine #9
Spring 2017

Edition of Orfeo

dedicated to Antonio de Torres to celebrate the 200th anniversary of his birth.